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Pre-Stay Guide

At the Holistic Centre our aim is to ensure a respectful and harmonious environment for our wonderful guests and our dedicated and hardworking staff. We kindly request you to observe the guidelines outlined below. Our staff are always at hand to address any queries you may have.


The Right Mindset

Devote time to focus on your mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation and transformation. Reflect and reset your priorities.

“Yad Bhavam, Tad Bhavathi”

“As you think, so you become”

Basic Conduct Guidelines

Do not play music or talk within the Centre in a manner that will cause a disturbance to others.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages or non-vegetarian food (including eggs) is strictly prohibited.

Smoking and use of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited.

Footwear should be left outside the Holistic Centre. No footwear is permitted inside the Holistic Centre.


Dress Code

Dress in modest and clean clothes.

Shorts or sleeveless tops are not allowed.

See-through clothes or beachwear are not permitted.


  • iconShoulders should be covered
  • iconTops should come below the hips
  • iconClothing should be down to ankles
  • iconClothing should not have a low neckline


  • iconThe shirt is usually worn outside the trousers or dhothi

If need be, appropriate clothing can be purchased from shops inside the Sripuram temple complex.