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Divine Forest

Integral to well-being is the act of inhaling pure air, facilitating the elimination of toxins from your body. At Sri Narayani Holistic Centre, we offer a journey into a 16-acre sacred grove, a medicinal forest area. As you traverse this path, enveloped by the lush greenery, you can partake in the rejuvenating experience of breathing in fresh air. The route is adorned with numerous medicinal trees, thoughtfully planted as part of our Ayurvedic and Siddha retreat, enhancing the overall wellness for our guests.

Wi-Fi Facility

Enjoy reliable and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout your stay at our centre. Stay connected effortlessly with our internet and Wi-Fi facility available in various areas, including guest rooms, the reception, and dining area. Experience the convenience of staying connected during your time with us.


Transportation services from Vellore bus and railway stations to the centre are available upon request. Additionally, for our foreign guests, we offer pick-up services from the nearest airport. To ensure seamless travel, we also arrange transportation from the holistic centre to the temple and Pooja activities for the convenience of our guests


For your safety, we have 24/7 security at the main gate, and the entire centre is monitored by CCTV. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxed stay while indulging in our therapies.


We provide you the laundry services at your doorstep. On request, we will also do the cleaning service and you need to consider the environment when requesting for cleaning. .