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Eye or Netra as called in Ayurveda is one the vital sense organ that connects us to this world through vision. Sushruta has mentioned various diseases of the eye in his text Sushruta Samhita and its effective ways to manage it and its prognosis. Ranging from stye issues to vision issues also the issues of eyelids are treated under eye care. The major causes for eye issues are- Hypertension, Diabetes, Insomnia, Prolonged use of Electronic devices that leads to long/short distance vision eyes, Dry eyes etc, thanks to unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits of today’s world being major contributing factors for vision issues. Here at Sri Narayani Holistic centre our Vaidyas assess one’s prakriti and vikruti and customize treatments accordingly that effectively addresses one’s condition. Following are the therapies offered.

Shodhana Karma

  • icon Purificatory/Detox Therapy such as Nasya- Medicated drops instilled in the nostrils to clear blocked channels.

Shamana- Pacifycing therapies

  • icon Tarpana( Medicated oil allowed to stay on the eye for stipulated time), Shirodhara( Pouring of medicated oil on forehead), Thalapothichil( Medicated paste application on the head), Shirobasti( Medicated oil allowed to stay on the head for stipulated time), Shiropichu( Cotton dipped in medicated oil allowed to stay on head for stipulated time), Netra Aschotana( cleansing of eyes with medicated decoction), Rasanjana( Application of Collyrium that is prepared as per the classical text)Vidalaka( application of medicated paste on lids) etc.

Conditions treated

Dry eyes

Long sightedness

Short sightedness

Repeated stye



Vision disturbance due to prolonged use of gadgets



Reduces dryness in the issue by providing lubrication in the eyes


Reduces sight eyes( long sighted and short sighted)


Reduces recurrence of repeated stye


Reduces itching and redness


Improves vision


Brightens eyes


Eases stress