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Hypertension also called High blood pressure is one of the major non communicable diseases in today’s world, affecting men and women alike. Hypertension is considered to be one of the leading causes of Stroke, heart attack and Kidney failure. Family history, unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits and stress being the major contributing factors for hypertension. Blood pressure is defined as the amount of the pressure exerted in the walls of the arteries. High levels of cholesterol build plaques in the arteries causing narrowing of the space(lumen) in the arteries causing difficulty in smooth circulation of the blood. The vitiated vata and pitta, vitiates the blood causing disturbance in the blood pressure. Here at Sri Narayani Holistic Centre, our vaidyas assess one’s prakriti and the causative factors for hypertension and then treated with holistic approach of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, yoga and siddha besides diet and lifestyle changes to bring about equilibrium in doshas and dhatus(bodily tissues) to help you manage hypertension effectively. Following therapies are aimed at managing hypertension effectively.

Shodhana Chikitsa

  • icon Virechana- Purgation therapy- Medications given to expel vitiated doshas through Purgation
  • icon Basti/Vasti Karma-Medicated Oil/Ghee/ Decoction is administered through Rectal route
  • icon Nasya-Medicated drops instilled in the nostrils to clear blocked channels

Shamana Chikitsa

  • icon External Therapies such as Abhyanga( Body Massage with medicated oil), Shirodhara( Pouring of medicated oil/decoction/ medicated buttermilk on forehead), Padabhyanga( Foot massage with medicated Oil), Udwartana( body massage with medicated powders), Hrid basti( Medicated oil allowed to stay in heart area for stipulated time) etc

Conditions treated





High Cholesterol levels

Fatty liver issue




Reduces stress levels


Helps improve metabolism


Lowers Cholesterol levels


Improves sleep patterns


Rejuvenates body and mind


Improves Blood circulation


Helps reduce weight


Helps maintain normal blood pressure