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Our Brain and spinal cord together forms our neurological system and its malfunctioning due to factors such as unhealthy diet and lifestyle, external trauma, genetics, infections, congenital anomalies, stress factor leads to various neurological issues such as paralysis, Bell’s palsy( facial paralysis), vision disturbances, difficulty in speech/ hearing, impaired cognitive abilities and behavioral issues, wasting of muscles etc. Ayurveda explains such as vitiated doshas, especially vata dosha and causing aggravation of bodily tissues that leads to imbalance in tissue functioning and nourishment leading to dhatu kshaya( depletion of bodily tissues). Here at Sri Narayani holistic centre, our vaidyas carefully examine the nidana( causative factors) and tailor appropriate treatments as per the condition by modifying diet and lifestyle habits and also include yoga, naturopathy, siddha therapies along with Ayurveda to bring about change in one’s condition. Following are the treatment modules adopted in treating these conditions.

Shodhana Chikitsa

  • icon Purificatory procedures/Detox/ Panchakarma.
  • icon Virechana- Purgation therapy- Medications given to expel vitiated doshas through Purgation.
  • icon Basti/Vasti Karma-Medicated Oil/Ghee/ Decoction is administered through Rectal route.
  • icon Nasya-Medicated drops instilled in the nostrils to clear blocked channels.

Shamana Chikitsa

  • icon External Therapies- Lepa( Medicated paste applied on affected parts/whole body), Abhyanga( Body massage), Taila Dhara(Pizhichil)- Medicated oil poured on the body / Medicated Decoction dhara, SSPS- Swastika Shali Pinda sweda( Medicated rice cooked in herbs and fomentation given), Elakizhi( Patra pinda sweda- medicinal herbs tied in cloth and fomentation given), Kati Basti/ Greeva Basti/Prista Basti/( warm medicated oil allowed to stay in the Neck/ Low back/ complete spine), Jambeera Pinda Sweda( Fomentation with lemon mixed with herbs), Pichu( cotton dipped in medicated oil and applied on affected parts and allowed to stay for stipulated time), Avagaha( Immersion in medicated decoction), Shirodhara( Pouring of medicated oil on forehead), Thalapothichil( Medicated paste application on the head), Shirobasti( Medicated oil allowed to stay on the head for stipulated time), Shiropichu( Cotton dipped in medicated oil allowed to stay on head for stipulated time), Talam( Application of medicated paste on the vertex).

Conditions treated

Pakshagata( Paralysis)

Facial Paralysis

Vision disturbances

difficulty in speech/ hearing

impaired cognitive abilities and behavioral issues

wasting of muscles etc



Helps strengthen nerves


Improves muscle tone


Improves flexibility


Improves mobility


Improves speech


Improves cognitive abilities


Helps strengthen musculoskeletal system