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Founder of Sripuram Laxmi Narayani Golden Temple, Sri Narayani Peedam, Sri Narayani Group of Institutions

Sri Narayani Peedam is the divine place, where Goddess Narayani resides, a spiritual centre in a village called Thirumalaikodi, located near Vellore in Southern India. Goddess Narayani embodies three aspects of the Divine mother that combines the Goddess Saraswati (goddess of wisdom), Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of prosperity and well being) Goddess Durga (goddess of inner strength and courage). This is a very special and rare manifestation of the Divine Mother.

Goddess Narayani is the mother of creation. Sakthi is the Universe of creation. Ancient sacred text called “Devi Mahotmayam” has slogans about Goddess Narayani. Divinity can appear in a human form, these forms are known as Avatars, An avatar descends on earth when adharma or imbalance is at its height to bring peace, harmony, alleviate suffering and guide mankind to ascend on spiritual path, Sri Sakthi Amma is the first incarnation of Goddess Narayani– the highest form of feminine energy.

Sri Sakthi Amma, affectionately known as Amma, is an esteemed spiritual leader in India. With the aim of promoting righteousness, love and wisdom throughout the world, Amma teaches that service to others is a path to inner peace and harmony. Sri Narayani Peedam has flourished as the centre for Amma’s Vision and divine energy. Now people from all over the world come to experience and connect with the divine energy.

“The purpose of this birth is to serve others and to make them happy. Through service you experience joy and can reach salvation.”

— Sri Sakthi Amma

Amma, meaning Mother, is a universal embodiment of the Divine feminine, extending compassion, love and grace. An avatar means "descent” is the material appearance or incarnation of a deity on earth. An Avatar (energy of goddess) cannot come on earth because of its purest form of energy, the energy will be very powerful and high that the earth couldn’t handle. That’s why Avatar manifests in human form when the balance between good and evil in the world is disturbed. Throughout the yugas (ages or extended periods), many avataras have come to earth when adharma (non-righteous ways of living) reached its peak and the Divine power no longer tolerates the level of evil actions. In previous yugas, humanity has witnessed other avataras such as – Narasimha Avatara (Satya Yuga); Rama Avatara (Thretha Yuga); and Krishna (Dwapara Yuga). Before goddess Narayani Avatar, for yugas and yugas Siddhars, devis and devathaas were praying at the south Kailash hills (Shakthi point) for the Avatar to come on earth. As a fruit of prayers, divinity manifested in the form of Sri Sakthi Amma.The avatara descends in order for humankind to ascend on the spiritual path. The avatara lives amongst the people, guiding humankind, reducing suffering and restoring dharma (righteous living) and spreading wisdom in the world.

The Sri Narayani Holistic Centre, offering Ayurveda & Siddha medicine, is the materialization of the divine vision of Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma. The common thread that weaves through all of Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma’s projects is the upliftment of humanity, bringing peace of mind, and reconnecting us to our own divine soul. Here at The Sri Narayani Holistic Centre we are continuing Amma’s mission by alleviating those suffering from pain, disease, or imbalance in the body, mind, or soul.

“The ultimate goal of human life is service to others.”

- Sri Sakthi Amma

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