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Kaumarabritya( Pediatrics) is one of Ashtanga( 8 branches) of Ayurveda. Kashyapa Samhita has elaborate explanations about pediatric health issues and its management. Children during their growing age are very prone to health issues due to poor eating habits,playing in an unhygienic environment and also congenital anomalies. Respiratory infections, GIT issues, Skin issues, malnutrition and delayed milestones are major health issues reported in children. Here at Sri Narayani holistic each child is given special care and treatments are tailored based on each individual prakriti. Following are the treatment modalities incorporated.

Shodhana Chikitsa

  • icon As per AYurveda children above the age of 12/16 yrs is eligible to take panchakarma therapy and therapy is chosen based on one’s condition and its severity.
  • icon Matra basti- Medicated oil/ghee enema given through anal route Other karmas such as Vamana, Virechana, Nasya is chosen depending upon the condition and bala of the child.

Shamana Chikitsa

  • iconLepa( Medicated paste applied on affected parts/whole body), Abhyanga( Body massage), Taila Dhara(Pizhichil)- Medicated oil poured on the body / Medicated Decoction dhara, SSPS- Swastika Shali Pinda sweda( Medicated rice cooked in herbs and fomentation given) etc.

Conditions treated

Frequent respiratory infections

Frequent diarrhea

Loss of appetite

Worm infestation

Skin infections

Delayed milestones

Behavioral issues etc



Improves digestion


Promotes healthy growth


Improves appetite


Calms mind


Regularizes sleep pattern


Improves cognitive abilities


Improves behavioral patterns


Strengthens musculoskeletal system


Helps manage delayed milestone issues