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Diabetes or in other words, high sugar levels is another non communicable disease that is commonly prevalent in today’s world. Diabetes seen during early age is called Juvenile diabetes or Type 1 diabetes which is often Insulin dependent due to the body's failed mechanism to produce insulin by itself. Diabetes during pregnancy is termed Gestational diabetes which usually resolves after the delivery but can continue thereafter in some cases or reoccur again during later part of life. Diabetes seen in adults and elderly termed as type 2 diabetes which is managed conventionally through tabs and insulin during later stages of diabetes. Long standing diabetes lead to various complications in vision called as diabetic retinopathy, neuro issues called diabetic neuropathy causing burning sensation in extremities, numbness, tingling sensation and loss of touch sense due to poor blood circulation also leading to gangrene, kidney issues called diabetic nephropathy. Also causes repeated urinary tract infections, carbuncles, skin diseases and non healing ulcers. AYurveda mentioned 20 types of diabetes depending on the doshas involved, Ayurveda refers to Diabetes as Prameha/Madhumeha and prognosis depends on the doshas involved. However, Ayurveda, Yoga,Naturopathy and Siddha therapies can help manage diabetes effectively from its early stage that helps avoid diabetes complications in future. Here at Sri Narayani Holistic center the treatments are customized based on one’s condition, that is assessed by our Vaidyas and condition is treated with dietary and lifestyle changes in addition to purificatory and pacifying therapies. Following the therapies that work effectively at addressing the root cause of the condition.

Shodana Chikitsa

  • icon Purificatory/Panchakarma Procedure
  • icon Virechana- Purgation therapy- Medications given to expel vitiated doshas through Purgation
  • icon Basti/Vasti Karma-Medicated Oil/Ghee/ Decoction is administered through Rectal route
  • icon Nasya-Medicated drops instilled in the nostrils to clear blocked channels
  • icon Vamana- Emesis therapy- Medications given to expel vitiated doshas through oral route

Shamana Chikitsa

  • icon External Therapies such as Abhyanga( Body Massage with medicated oil), Shirodhara( Pouring of medicated oil/decoction/ medicated buttermilk on forehead), Padabhyanga( Foot massage with medicated Oil), Udwartana( body massage with medicated powders), Hrid basti( Medicated oil allowed to stay in heart area for stipulated time), Tarpana( eye therapies), Dhanyamla dhara( Pouring of Medicated decoction on the body) etc.

Conditions treated

High Sugar levels



Diabetic Neuropathy- Tingling sensation, burning sensation, numbness in extremities

Vision issues due to diabetes

Skin issues due to diabetes



Reduces risk of complications


Detoxifies blood


Improves Blood circulation


Reduces weight


Reduces stress levels


Improves vision


Improves skin quality


Helps reduce repeated infections


Helps maintain optimal blood sugar levels