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"Revitalize with therapeutic dining at Sri Narayani Holistic Centre"

We offer wholesome Sathvic meals to all our visitors, aligning our responsibility with their specific treatment plans. Our commitment to providing the most effective therapeutic approaches has garnered significant praise for its remarkable benefits.

Our kitchen is meticulously equipped, ensuring the highest quality of food. Our dedicated team ensures that guests always receive top-notch service with freshly prepared meals. Embracing the concept of fine dining, we prioritize our guests' comfort with thoughtfully spaced tables and chairs in a well-ventilated dining area.

As part of our commitment to your well-being, we provide complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, you can indulge in mid-morning and late noon snacks and refreshments, enhancing your overall dining experience at our centre. Your satisfaction and nourishment are at the heart of our culinary offerings.

The therapy rooms are equipped for various applications, including oil treatments, massages, steam baths and other specialised treatments. Additionally, we offer physiotherapy facilities, with arrangements for rehabilitation and restoration treatments.

There are water filters in the dining and reception area. You can drink purified drinking water.